Surrealism and Swansea exhibition

Swansea and SurrealismThere’s an interesting exhibition at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery at the moment. The show is called Surrealism and Swansea and it traces the relationship between European and British surrealist artists during the 1930s. Most of the works on display are from the Glynn Vivian collection, however, there is one early Giorgio de Chirico on loan from Tate Britain. I was surprised to find out that ‘Unit One’, a small art group formed by the landscape artist Paul Nash, held an exhibition at the gallery in 1935. Nash visited Swansea for the show and painted a small watercolour of the Brangwyn Hall, which is on display in the exhibition.

For more information visit the Glynn Vivian web page


Website redesign

I have just finished redesigning and updated my art website. I’ll add more features and updates over the coming months. Watch this space!