“Art does not reproduce the visible; it makes visible.”  Paul Klee.

I love this simple quote by the great Swiss-German artist Klee, it seems to sum up my approach to art entirely.  My work is not strictly about realistic reproduction, although I do explore and record references in the landscape; these references could range from taking a series of photographs in a strange city to drawing scenes on a local beach, or maybe just taking a hike through the landscape and stopping occasionally to take in a scene.
In my studio I recall journeys that I’ve made, generating my own narrative along the way, expressing my feelings about a place or an idea.  I like to think of my work as existing somewhere between actuality and imagining, between reality and fantasy.  I’m in love with the painting process itself, the building up of paint layers, the stripping back, the combination of colours, shapes and forms, it all goes towards fuelling my imagination. Sometimes a canvas can seem to have a life of its own and I am happy to let it take me in the direction it wants to go.

Phillip Jacobs, 2016

Phillip Jacobs is an artist based in Swansea, UK.